Your 2024/25 Season Pass Guide

FINDING YouR 2024/25 Season Pass

At Bogus Basin, it is our mission to make outdoor recreation accessible to all members of the Treasure Valley community. To stay true to this mission, we offer a range of season pass options to fit just about any schedule and budget. This guide has everything you need to know about each pass product offering for 2024/25!

Brigette Johnson Skiing On Upper Nugget Spraying Snow At Bogus Basin 01 2024 Photo By Cassidy Carter

Limiting Season Pass Sales

Mountain recreation has boomed, and everyone wants in on the action! Ever wonder why we offer substantially more pass options than other mountains?

At times, it may feel like as though there’s simply not enough room on the mountain for everyone. In an effort to relieve these tensions and improve the mountain-going experiences, Bogus Basin restricts the quantity of each season pass type sold. In previous years, we’ve segmented our operating hours into different windows of time, allowing you to save big while purchasing a pass exclusive to the mountain experience you want!

For the 5th season in a row, we are reducing the number of Premium and Winter season passes available. Our goal is to keep wait times at the lift under 10 minutes and reduce the time it takes to park on peak days. This season we are again reducing the available True Bogus, Beyond Bogus, and Winter season pass capacities by 5%. Since introducing season pass capacity limitation, Bogus Basin has reduced the number of season pass holders with access to the mountain at peak times by over 22%.

While season passes will not reach their capacity during our 10-day sale (2/23/2024 – 3/3/2024), we anticipate True Bogus, Beyond Bogus, Winter, Value, and Twilight season passes to reach their capacities as early as September 2024.

With limited ticket sales during the season, a Bogus Basin season pass is the only way to guarantee your access to the best of the season!

RFID Enters its third season AT BOGUS BASIN

If you have purchased a pass at Bogus Basin within the last three years, you are familiar with our RFID Reloadable media and lift Axess RFID gates. These passes are reloadable and have a 5-year lifetime.

Reload Your Existing SEASON PASS (“MEDIA CARD”)

Save $20 by reloading your existing media card. To reload, provide the WTP Number found on the back of your media card during checkout. When your purchase is complete, your pass will automatically be reloaded. You can reload a different season pass product on your current media card.

RFID Access QR Code Scanner for Tickets to Bogus Basin Photo Taken By Luke Tokunaga - 2023/24 Season Passes Article

Ensure a smooth experience by completing all liability waivers online before checkout.

Not familiar with RFID Reloadable Media? Learn all about it here

Premium Season Pass PRODUCTS

Bogus Basin offers two different Premium Season Pass options: True Bogus and Beyond Bogus. Each includes valuable perks – including unlimited winter access, the chance to visit partner mountains, buddy tickets, and more!

Conditions permitting, winter operations begin Thanksgiving weekend and end mid-April.

up ToOperating Hrs
Days to Pay Off Your Pass
Blackouts Dates
Adult Male Skier Hunter Smith Hockey Stopping In Fresh Snow Right Next To Small Pine Tree On A Gloomy Day At Bogus Basin From Below Winter 2023 Photo By Luke Tokunaga

Both the True Bogus and Beyond Bogus Premium Pass products include membership in the Powder Alliance and Freedom Pass, as well as access to independent partner mountains. With a Premium Pass to Bogus Basin, you unlock the opportunity to redeem tons of free tickets at partner mountains across the United States, Canada, and beyond. Check out the full list of Premium Season Pass Partner Mountains above!

True Bogus Season Pass

For the year-round passion rider – The True Bogus Season Pass gains you access to all that Bogus Basin has to offer – both summer and winter. During the summer, enjoy open – close Morning Star Express and Deer Point Express lift access, servicing The Basin Gravity Park and our network of hiking and mountain biking trails. Come winter, True Bogus Season Pass holders enjoy unlimited access to our alpine trails, as well as our Frontier Point Trail System for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and guided snowshoe tours.

  • All-access winter season pass, open – close
  • The Basin Gravity Park summer mountain bike season access
  • Frontier Point Trail System access (Nordic skiing and snowshoeing)
  • Powder Alliance Membership
  • Freedom Pass
  • Additional Partner Mountain lift tickets
  • Two 50% off winter or summer buddy tickets to Bogus Basin

Beyond Bogus Season Pass – Available early fall

For the winter passion rider – The Beyond Bogus Season Pass is similar to the True Bogus Season Pass, minus the unlimited summer access. Beyond Bogus Season Pass holders have access to ride open – close every day of the 2024/25 winter season and receive all partner mountain winter benefits. Beyond Bogus Season Passes go on sale at the end of the summer season.

  • All-access winter season pass, open – close
  • Frontier Point Trail System access (Nordic skiing and snowshoeing)
  • Powder Alliance Membership
  • Freedom Pass
  • Additional Partner Mountain lift tickets
  • Two 50% off winter buddy tickets to Bogus Basin

All–Access Season Pass products

For the Bogus Basin fanatic, Bogus Basin offers 3 all-access season pass options: Winter Season Pass, Summer Season Pass, and Nordic Season Pass. Experience ultimate freedom when you purchase an all-access season pass, offering unlimited laps at Bogus Basin every day of the week, open to close. All-access passes do not receive partner mountain benefits. To unlock partner mountain access, check out our Premium Season Pass options above.

Conditions permitting, winter operations begin in late November and end in mid-April.

Winter Season Pass

Nowhere else you’d rather be than Bogus Basin in the winter? The Winter Season Pass gives you access to the mountain any day you want, open to close, without blackout dates. The Winter Season Pass does not include access to partner mountains. To unlock partner mountain access, check out our Premium Season Pass options above.

Average Operating Hrs
Days to pay Off Your Pass
Blackouts Dates

The Winter Season Pass also includes:

  • One 50% off winter buddy ticket for a friend or family member (not subject to limited ticket capacities)
  • Eligible for a $25 Frontier Point Trail System Season Pass add-on at checkout (Nordic skiing and snowshoeing)
Adult Male Snowboarder Aj Ogden Does Air And Grab Into Powder Landing With Snow Exploding Behind On Bluebird Bogus Basin Day From Below Winter 2021 Photo By Luke Tokunaga

The Basin Gravity Park Season Pass – Summer

This pass gives you access to unlimited rides up the Morning Star Express Chairlift, serving three downhill bike park zones. You can also access the Deer Point Express chairlift, connecting you to many popular cross-country trails at Bogus Basin. The Basin Gravity Park is the place to be for downhill mountain biking in the summertime.

Every year we have added new trails and features to The Basin Gravity Park, keeping it fresh and fun for riders of all abilities. Keep your legs pumping all summer long with a Basin Gravity Park Mountain Bike Season Pass.

Male Mountain Biker Rides Through Greenery In XC Community Race Series At Bogus Basin Summer Operations 2021- CRS
Average Operating Hrs
Days to PayOff Your Pass
Average Days Of Access

Trails and The Basin Gravity Park are open mid to late June through early October.

Frontier Point Trail System Season Pass – Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing

Ready to power yourself through the snow without a chairlift? The Frontier Point Trail System offers 37 kilometers of Nordic skiing, and a wide variety of snowshoe trails to explore. Enjoy your mountain on the Frontier Point Trail System this winter.

Male Adult Nordic Skiers Classic And Skate Style With Scenic InversionOnTheNordicHighwayAtBogusBasinWithSunPokingAroundPineInForeground_Winter2022

Conditions permitting, winter Nordic operations begin early/mid-December and end mid/late March.

Prime Time Season Pass Products

For the Bogus Basin fan with a flexible schedule, Bogus Basin offers 5 Prime Time Season Pass options: The NEW Value Season Pass, the Midweek Season Pass, the Twilight Season Pass, the Night Season Pass, and The Spring Season Pass. These passes are perfect if you work weekends, prefer to avoid peak visitation times, love evenings on the mountain, and are looking for an even more affordable season pass option. Prime Time Season Passes do not include access to partner mountains. To unlock partner mountain access, check out our Premium Season Pass products listed above.

Image Of Morning Star Express Chairlift At Bogus Basin Night Skiing Winter 2023 Photo By Luke Tokunaga

NEW – THE Value Season Pass

Introducing Bogus Basin’s newest season pass offering! Looking to ride every day of the winter season for less than the cost of 4 Day Lift Tickets? The Value Season Pass provides daily winter access, open – close, with select blackout times until 3 pm on peak weekends (see calendar).

Average Operating Hrs
Days To PayOff Your Pass
Average DaysOf Access
2024-25 Season Pass Calendar

Adult Male Snowboarder Employee Austin Smith Backflip Air With Grab Off Hand built Jump On A Gloomy Day At Bogus Basin Closeup_ Winter 2022 Photo By Luke Tokunaga

Midweek Season Pass

Prefer to have the mountain to yourself with seemingly everlasting corduroy? The Midweek Season Pass is all that! Enjoy open-to-close access to Bogus Basin Monday through Friday, Blackout dates apply (see calendar). Eligible for a $25 Frontier Point Trail System Season Pass add-on at checkout (Nordic skiing and snowshoeing)

Average Operating Hrs
Days To PayOff Your Pass
Average DaysOf Access
2024-25 Season Pass Calendar

Spring Season Pass (2024)

For the bluebird day and soft snow lover. Don’t miss out on springtime conditions at Bogus Basin. Pay off your Spring Season Pass with just two visits. Spring Season Passes have no blackout dates or restrictions. Valid March 10, 2024 through the end of the season.

Average Operating Hrs
Days to payoff your pass
Average Days of access

Evening Season Pass products

For those wanting a bang for their buck, Bogus Basin offers 2 Evening Season Pass options within our Prime Time Pass Products: The Twilight Season Pass and the Night Season Pass. Bogus Basin is proud to make outdoor recreation more accessible by offering 12 – 13 hours of skiing and snowboarding. We are home to one of the largest night riding operations in the nation, with 19 lit runs and 3 high-speed quad lifts open through 10 pm, 7 days a week. Experience the mountain at sunset, you’ll be hooked.

Conditions permitting, Evening/Night Operations typically start late December and end mid/late March

Deer Point Chairlift At Twilight Over Inversion In The Treasure Valley Bogus Basin
Twilight Season Pass

Prefer to trade your morning for deep savings and start later in the afternoon? Consider the Twilight Season Pass. Twilight Season Pass holders enjoy mountain access 7 days a week, 3 pm – close, allowing time to explore Bitterroot Express (Chair 5) and Pine Creek Express (Chair 6) before they close at 4:15 pm!

Even better? When night operations aren’t active, you still can be! Twilight Season Pass holders have the chance to ride from 3 pm close daily, even when the night lights aren’t on. Twilight Season Passes have no blackout dates or restrictions and do not include additional benefits.

Adult Male Snowboarder Employee Austin Smith Holds Heelside Carve With Grab At Night On Groomed Run At Bogus Basin From Below Winter 2019 Photo By Luke Tokunaga
Night Season Pass

Night Riders! Here is your chance to enjoy the mountain at an unbeatable price. Take advantage of one of the nation’s largest night-riding scenes, just 16 miles from Boise. Open an average of 100 nights, you just found your new favorite activity during the long, dark winter. Night Season Passes are valid from 6 pm – close with no blackout dates or restrictions and do not include additional benefits.

Average Operating Hrs
Nights to payoff your pass
Average Nights To Access

Flex Passes

Introduced on Black Friday during the 2023/24 winter season, Flex Passes are the perfect option for the “sometimes rider”, or an out-of-town visitor! Flex Passes are not available to purchase at the season pass sale and may become available early in the season, but not guarenteed. Flex Passes are non-transferable and are only valid for use by the named guest.

Any Four Flex Pass

The Any Four Flex Pass comes with 4 preloaded open – close tickets, redeemable at any time. The Any Four Flex Pass is not restricted by blackout dates, and remains redeemable on days when standard lift tickets are not available. Any Four Flex passes are valid from openning day through closing day, any day of the season.

Holiday Three – Peat Pass.

Prefer to enjoy winter on the mountain during just the holidays? The Holiday Three Peat Pass is a perfect way to access the mountain for a select amount of days, at peak visitation times. The Holiday Three-Peat Pass is redeemable during the winter break between Christmas and New Year’s, Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, and President’s Day in February. The Holiday Three-Peat passes are valid open – close on redeemable days.

Sienna George Spraying Snow On Upper Nugget At Bogus Basin 01-2024 Photo By Cassidy Carter

Passport Program

If you’re brand new to skiing or snowboarding, we have a nationally recognized and award-winning program that includes everything you’ll need to learn your new lifetime skill, including rental equipment, lessons, and an all-access season pass upon completion of the program – All for the same cost or less than a Winter Season Pass! We’ve got you covered, just show up dressed for the elements with a can-do attitude!

Group Ski School Lesson With Ski Instructor Kim Winter 2022 Photo By Luke Tokunaga

Alpine Passport Program

The Alpine Passport Program is the perfect introduction to alpine skiing and/or snowboarding. Sessions take place on predetermined dates in the winter and spring. Options range from four weekdays over four weeks, or back-to-back weekends during the holiday period.

  • Four 90 minute group lessons with an Instructor
  • Rental Equipment for the Season (Boots, Skies, Poles or Snowboard, Bindings, Boots)
  • Lift Tickets during Group Lessons
  • Upon completion, a 2024/25 all-access Winter Season Pass (Winter Passport) or a 2024 Spring Season Pass and a 2024/25 all-access Winter Season Pass (Spring Passport)

    *Passport Program Availability is limited, please inquire with Lessons Sales Office at the link below

Nordic Passport Program

Ready to take on the Nordic side of the mountain? Learn from the pros with the Nordic Passport Program!

The Nordic Passport Program offers equipment and rentals for both skate ski and classic ski. Check out the magic of the Frontier Point Trail System with a Nordic Passport this season!

Female Adult Nordic Skiers Skate Style Student In Pink Jacket Leads Bogus Basin Instructor Wearing Blue Headband Closeup Winter 2022 Photo By Luke Tokunaga
  • Four 60 min Group Lessons with an Instructor
  • Rental Equipment usage for the Season (Boots, Skies, Poles)
  • Frontier Point Trail Pass during Group Lessons
  • 2024/25 All Access Frontier Point Trail System Season Pass Upon Program Completion

About Bogus Basin
Opened in 1942, Bogus Basin winter operations offer 2,600 acres of daytime skiable terrain and 200+ acres for night skiing; eleven lifts – including four high-speed quads – and three people-mover surface lifts; an 800-foot tubing hill. The Nordic Center offers 37 kilometers of groomed trails. Environmental education and community outreach programs serve over 20,000 individuals annually, primarily youth. Bogus Basin is located 16.5 miles north of Boise, Idaho, and operates under a special use permit with the Boise National Forest.

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area is one of the largest non-profit recreation areas in the country. It is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to engaging the community to provide accessible, affordable, and fun year-round mountain recreation and education. Bogus Basin summer activities include a challenge course, mountain coaster, summer tubing, climbing wall, bungee trampoline, gem panning station, The Basin Gravity Park, cross-country mountain biking and hiking, free community events and educational programs, chairlift service to access hiking and biking trails, and guided nature hikes.