Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Season Passes

Why are you charging extra for spring skiing or riding, hasn’t it always been free?

Bogus Basin has required you to pay for spring access since 2019. In the first two years of this change, the charge was built into the season pass for “non-renewing” season pass holders, while “renewing” pass holders had a separate season pass that cost less and did not come with spring access.

Several years ago, we had a discussion that identified it was not in line with our mission to force new pass holders (non-renewing) to pay more than existing pass holders (renewing pass holders). We chose to change the wording and organization of our product mix to isolate the extra expense of spring access, allowing you to either purchase a spring-specific season pass or add spring access onto your pass for an additional cost.

While other mountains in the area “include” spring access for “free”, they do not offer a season pass that does not include spring access, thus forcing everyone into a “one size fits all” model. At Bogus, we are passionate about not asking you to purchase things you do not want/need, so we will continue offering season pass products in an ala cart model.

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