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FAQ: Tickets & Sessions

Why do you no longer offer a lift ticket that is valid open to close?

The steep population growth of the Treasure Valley has increased the demand for winter recreation at Bogus Basin in the past 5 years. During the 20/21 & 21/22 winter seasons, we began limiting the number of lift tickets sold on any given day, to preserve the guest experience, particularly at peak times.

As we headed into our third season of limiting lift ticket sales, we focused on finding new ways to manage guest capacity by encouraging visits during off-peak periods. With night operations, Bogus Basin offers unusually long operating hours (12-13 hours/day). An analysis of guest data revealed that few guests stay at the mountain from open to close – most visits to the area are no longer than 6 hours.

Taking into consideration guest arrival times, length of stay, and the fact that visitation drops off in the evening, we saw an opportunity to create a new lift ticket category. The Night Session offers 4 hours of access (from 6 – 10 pm) at an extremely budget-friendly price. Guests to the area now have four different sessions to choose from:

  • Day Session | Open – 6 pm | (8 – 9 hours of access) 
  • Late Arrival Session | 1 pm – Close | (up to 9 hours of access)
  • Twilight Session | 3 pm – Close | (up to 6 hours of access)
  • Night Session | 6 pm – Close | (4 hours of access)

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