Trails & Grooming

Current Conditions

Sunday, April 21st

Join us on the mountain for the final day of the 2023/24 winter season!⛷🏂

Partly sunny skies are in the forecast today, with a high of 47º 🌤

Variable winds are expected, with gusts ranging from 9 mph to 17 mph – some gusts may reach up to 21 mph 🌬

We recommend wearing layers that you can shed as temperatures rise throughout the day, a windbreaker & bright-light and/or all-weather goggle lenses for today’s riding conditions ☀️

High Pine Whiskey Yell will be playing in front of the J.R. Simplot Lodge 2 pm – 4:30 pm! 🎻

All 2023/24 season pass holders are invited to join us for closing weekend! 💙

Due to chairlift disassembly, Bitterroot Basin, Frontier Point Lodge, and all trails within the two zones are closed to all access types for the remainder of the season.

Today's Trails

1/93 Open

1 of 93 trails are open today

Today's Lifts

0/10 Open

0 of 10 lifts are open today
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Alpine Trail Map

90 named trails, 10 lifts, 4 high-speed quads, 1,800 vertical feet, 2,600 acres of terrain, and 360-degrees of fun.

Grooming Key:

Morning Grooming Shift:

  • Deer Point Express Trails
  • Morning Star Express Trails
  • Coach Chairlift Trails

Night Grooming Shift:

  • Superior Express Trails
  • Pine Creek Express Trails

If it snows more than 2″ after the night grooming shift, these trails will appear ungroomed. Please check the “grooming” status combined with the “snow” status of a trail to understand the state of a given trail.

Where to Find Corduroy:

  • A trail that has both a “morning/evening groomed” status and a snow status of “machine groomed” has a corduroy surface.
  • A trail that has an “evening groomed” status and a snow status of “powder” has at least 2″ of fresh snow atop a corduroy surface.